How to increase my followers on Quora

I am about to tell you something very, very effective. And its not something I would be bluffing about. Its something you see in your daily Quora experience.

There are two ways to increase your followers count. And most probably, you’ll only get indian followers.

Method 1 (For women)

Something many people call, a cute display picture.

As we can observe, there is no shortage of perverts and potential wedding grooms on Quora.

The advantage of this method is that it doesn’t matter if you write genuinely awesome answers or love advices… Men will respect you.

Along with messages like “I luv u” and “I am tall, handsome 26 year old guy I earn decent salary marry me plsss”, your followers will increase too.

Method 2 (For Men)


Trust me. Being an IITian has more benefits on Quora than in real life.

Questions like “How many hours should I study daily to get AIR 1 in JEE?”.. “Which coloured Tupperware bottle did Aman Goel use to get CSE in IITB”.. and “How can I prepare for JEE in 13.4836 hours please hallpp?” are nothing new for IITians on Quora.

Believe me, mate. This method will increase your follows as effectively as Irodov will in improving your physics.

P.S. No offence to anyone. Especially the IITians who’ve written some really fantastic answers.

Trick: Never ever ask for a follow or upvotes. That’s a cultural faux pas on Quora. Such behavior will largely reduce the probability of gaining followers because it’s repulsive. In the real-world, this would be analogous to the marketing calls that we all unanimously dislike.

The goal is to earn followers, not beg for them.

Tips: Communicate.

It’s not always about writing answers. Not everybody enjoys writing. Some are better at asking questions. Some others excel at initiating engaging discussions in the comments.

Then there’s also answer requests (A2A) and edit suggestions. Not to forget private messaging.

Take your pick. Where’s your niche?

Spend some time observing patterns. Is your favorite writer writing a lot in politics? Send them useful A2As or ask meaningful questions on the relevant topics.

Is the writer you admire someone who enjoys interacting with his readers in the comments? Leave them non-generic, discussion evoking remarks. Even if it is criticism, it is okay as long as you’re polite.

You want to appreciate a writer or start a personal conversation in messages? Formulate a draft with substance. Write to them like you would write to your admission committee/manager i.e. let your message have a purpose.

Alternatively, some popular Quorans are very vocal about things they have zero tolerance for. In such cases, don’t test the waters. Steer clear of sensitive zones.

The point is to contribute in whichever capacity positively. To have your presence felt and appreciated. To provoke thought via answers, questions, or critique.

Over time, people will be able to recognize you by name and if their experience with you is pleasant, there’s a high chance for a dignified ‘follow.’

Above all, the most important tip is to practice patience. Don’t be needy or desperate. People should follow you by their choice and not your demand.

Building credibility takes time, especially because Quora isn’t Facebook or Instagram. Keep in mind that the popular names you see around Quoraverse were once a nobody. They felt just as invisible and just as unheard as you probably are at the time of signing-up.

But they persevered. You do, too.

Finally, remember that popularity that comes too easily goes away just as easily. And there’d be a lot more people clapping, pointing fingers, laughing at your fall than there ever will be when you climbed the ladder of success. So don’t play foul.

Good luck and welcome to Quora!

I’m gonna make this clear right now, there aren’t tricks to getting more followers. People are going to follow you based off of the quality of what you write. With all of that being said there’s some things that the popular Quorans do that I believe have helped them gain the fandom that they have acquired.

  • Write about topics that you know about.
  • Bring personality into what you write but remember to stay informative as well.
  • Answer some of the popular questions that go around, more people follow them which means that they’ll get notified when you answer.
  • Don’t ask people to follow you. This is generally frowned upon in the Quora community, it makes you seem desperate. People are going to follow you due to your writing not just because you want a following.
  • Write quality answers. You don’t need to write a whole essay but you also don’t want to write one line answers. Use detail and if the question calls for it personal experience you have with the topic.
  • Only use your work, not too long ago there was a case of plagiarism and the backlash from that shows that that isn’t what you want to do in order to gain a following. Plagiarism is wrong, when you do this you’re stealing someones hard work. If you want to achieve fame here put effort into it, it’ll be your own work and you’ll be proud of it.
  • Answer some survey questions. While survey questions aren’t the most informative things there have been a few popular Quorans who talked about how they started out writing answers to these questions and then started branching out.
  • Be yourself. Everyone has their share of experiences and yours are going to be different from the ones that someone else has experienced. Use being yourself to your advantage, are you a computer nerd? A band geek? A fan of the theatre? An athlete? A history buff? A member of the LGBT+ community? Write about it. People come to Quora in search of answers on a variety of topics, even if you happen to have a niche interest or characteristic there’s likely someone out there wanting to learn about that topic and you have the answers they need.

To have more followers within short time (few months), these are the possibilities:

  1. Write things relating to everyday life.
  2. Write more and more humorous things of your life. Don’t go anonymous for any answer and write as many embarrassing and face-palm stories of yours. I hope more and more people may follow you because they can relate it with theirs. Is there anyone who don’t like to read such stuffs?
  3. Write about things which excites everyone and which everyone can relate to some extend.
  4. Write in good language and in  good style so that you can impress people very fastly.

To have more followers within long time ( more than a year or so), these are the possibilities:

  1. Write on the topics and questions even if you there are no much followers on those.
  2. Write from your heart and not from your brain for few answers. But technical answers should be well researched and should come from brain.
  3. Write on topics what interests you.
  4. Write in good language and in good style so that you can impress people very slowly.

Long term or Short term;Follow your heart; Your notifications will be flooded!

Thanks toSupraj Gijre for this toughest A2A I have ever encountered. 🙂

I think I’ve largely managed to increase my following by doing a few things:

  1. Being honest. Anyone who’s read my answers, especially in regards to things like sex and relationships, knows that I am very honest, to the point of being a fault.
  2. Being funny. Not to toot my horn here or anything, but I’m pretty fucking hilarious. And this obviously reflects in my writing, which is often replete with jokes and sarcasm.
  3. Writing well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after over a decade in post-secondary, it’s how to write well. And this is something that continues here, and I feel my writing has continued to improve over time while being active on Quora.
  4. Getting lucky. Sometimes, it just takes a couple answers that go big to start drawing in a following. About 7 months ago, I had one answer go pretty big (Jeremy Glenesk’s answer to What is the creepiest phone call or voice message you’ve ever received?), and it was that answer that started the ball rolling. Before this answer, I had like 30 followers. Afterwards, I started consistently getting followers every day. Since then, I’ve had several answers blow up, and I notice an larger than usual influx of followers when that happens: Jeremy Glenesk’s answer to Which actors/actresses are great examples of being typecast, and how can typecasting be prevented in Hollywood?, Jeremy Glenesk’s answer to What is the best advice your mother ever gave you? Do you feel it has benefited you as an adult?, or more recently Jeremy Glenesk’s answer to If someone put a gun to your head and asked you to change your religion, then what would you do?

I bet you have not seen my followers before A2A.

I am using Quora for quite a few months and one thing I have realised that

quality is better than quantity

Also few more thing ls I want to share are

First impression is the best impression and best first impression is very important.

Suppose to land on to profile of a popular Quora ( like me xD ) ,then you will surely take a look at followers, views and upvotes. And believe me or not if they are high enough for you, then you may end up hitting that follow button.

First impression can be created by solely by constant efforts.

There will be very few people to rate you on the basis of looks you possess, at least here. So what all matters is the content you have and the effect you create on their minds. For someone like me, I will go to see through your answers, 3–4 and if I get impressed then I read more and more and when I find that I cannot read more but you have more awesome answers waiting for me then I will surely hit the follow button.( wait, I am going to checkout your profile now, right after the answer.)

Connect with readers and place them at their situation while answering

Give genuine answer rather than filling it with stories or sarcasm because not everybody likes it

Improve your writing because content matters a lot. Even superstars need good script to make success.

Write to help the asker and not to increase followers because maybe if he find you a real help, who knows maybe hi hit the follow button. ( I am waiting xD ).

Enjoy Quora because it is not facebook where likes mean everything.

It is Quora, and let it remain Quora.


Girls, Sexuality, Explicit content, Nudity

Thanks for A2A Deepak, Followers on quora depends on various factors, some of them are :-

  1. Just write answers with full genuinity and faith. If people like your answer than obviously they gonna follow you.
  2. Don’t stick to single topic. Read/Write on diverse topic , this will increase you knowledge and can fetch you more followers.
  3. Make your answer interesting for others to read. Don’t make it long and boring.
  4. Try to give answer with pictures associated to it.
  5. You can try answering sexual/ relationship/dating question as these are the most searched and trending topics.
  6. Many explicit pictures also provides an eye catching view to your answer . like this below

For boys it’s hard to get followers while girls can get it simply with their cute profile picture.

Hope you find it useful, please upvote if do and don’t forget to follow.

Note :- It’s my personal view and it can differ from person to person. All suggestions are welcome.

Ahaa, enigmatic question! I’ve perceived two things so far regarding followers. And I’m brutally honest here.

First way:

  1. Write answers to the questions vast number of Quorans following. There’s a high probability that your answers reach to the stretch more. Answer survey questions in a possible humorous way as people who can relate to your stuff may hit the follow button.
  2. Ask amusing questions that a lot of people would enjoy.
  3. Presentation matters the most. No matter, how deep your thoughts and how proficient your English is, people only get attracted to the way you project the idea.

Second way:

  1. Write adult content if you are only craving for a huge number of followers. It sounds boorish, I know.
  2. Upload an agitative profile picture and answer to the questions which seeks your personal photos.
  3. Follow as many as possible. There is a probability that many others follow you back.

Thanks for asking Adarsh 🙂

First things first. You need not follow me if you don’t want to.

Also, I can’t increase them. Following the tips below might help to improve your image.

  • Respect the audience.
  • E.g When someone comments, do not criticize them. Also, don’t start a debate. Respect people’s opinions.
  • Network nicely
    • People interact with people in hopes of getting replies. Do that.
  • Find your niche
    • Find topics you are interested in. Answer about them. 3–5 topics is sufficient.
  • Do not clickbait.
    • A little bit of clickbaiting humorously every once a random while is appreciated. Don’t overdo it.
    • Keep It Simple, Sweet and Humorous.
  • Have a catchy credential.
  • Follow the above guidelines. Do let me know if I helped.

    I assume you want to do so with dignity?

    *looks at clipboard and scratches of multiple things*

    Alright… Here we go.

    1. Write a lot
    1. Now, I’m not telling you to write a quality answer every 2 hours or so (although that may get you popular really fast). That’s very unrealistic. But try to write 2 or 3 quality answers a day. It will improve your writing skills too.
  • Don’t violate BN;BR
    1. Dont even tell people you’re blocking them. Don’t respond to trolls. Just block, report and be done.
  • Get involved in popular topics
    1. Poltics… technology… You name it. Just make sure you get involved in topics you care about, as well as ones that are well recognized. Sure, the occasional answer about your favorite book series is fine, but unless it’s Harry Potter it isn’t going to get you very far.
  • Be honest
    1. They’ll know it if you aren’t. Don’t lie about life experiences, don’t pretend.

    There you go! Follow these tips and tricks and I promise you’ll get followers in no time (or a lot of time. Depends).

    I think there is no hack tool for increasing your followers on Quora like it is available for other social networking sites. I will mention the only possible method to increase your followers.

    Try these steps.

    Follow good writers.

    Read good answers.

    Observe them.

    Select trending topics.

    Then try to answer questions.

    Don’t think for increasing followers. Instead try to improve yourself.

    If your content is good enough, don’t worry. Your follower’s count will definitely increase.

    Thanks for the A2A Shambhavi Yadav .

    Keep reading. Keep smiling.


    Also checkout my other answers on similar topics.

    Shubham Gupta’s answer to Did the famous Quorans start their Quora journey with 0 followers? If yes, how did they get so many followers?

    Shubham Gupta’s answer to How do you become famous and receive a lot of views, upvotes, and followers on Quora?

    Quora — the community-driven Q&A repository — is certainly getting a lot of buzz right now. Even though it’s known as a “social network for knowledge,” Quora isn’t just for the tech elite. Outside of the tech-centric or off-beat topics, there is an abundance of resources that appeal to a range of tastes.

    In fact, businesses and non-profits can glean a wealth of information from Quora. Here are a few ways organizations large and small can tap into this active community.

    1. Strengthen Customer Experiences

    Monitor mentions of your company on Quora. Start by searching for your company’s name. If it’s already a Quora topic, follow that topic to receive alerts as new questions are posed. If you answer a question about your company and its services or products, disclose your company affiliation and answer with facts.

    Companies can deliver customer service via Quora by responding to complaints and criticisms. Additionally, company representatives can serve as resources, as illustrated by Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, who has answered questions about the app’s origins, name, and URL.

    2. Research the Competition

    A quick search on Quora can help you keep tabs on the competition: what they’re up to and what others are saying about them. Just ask’s Matt Russo, who explained: “I used Quora to find information on a competitor’s web-based company. The answer was provided by someone who had obviously worked with the company in the past, as illustrated by the in-depth information he shared.” The Quora community is even sharing valuable insights about specific companies’ business models.

    3. Connect With Journalists

    Want Mashable or other news sites to cover your company? Quora can help. A number of tech reporters and editors –- including Mashable’s own Ben Parr and Christina Warren –- are offering advice to those seeking media coverage. Before pitching a media outlet, see what intelligence can be gleaned from Quora responses.

    Andy Carvin, senior strategist at NPR, says it won’t be long until non-tech journalists leverage Quora as a reporting tool: “It can be used for research purposes by reporters, following threads on different subjects to get story ideas and the like. And it’s probably just a matter of time before reporters start using it more directly as a sourcing tool, posing questions related to whatever topic they’re reporting on.”

    4. Embrace Long-Form Dialogue.

    Networks like Twitter and Facebook have conditioned us to communicate in short bursts of information. Quora embraces long-form communication. The site’s value is in the depth and breadth of knowledge, so think outside the 140-character box when answering questions. Just don’t ramble.

    5. Expand Your Network

    If you want to connect with new people who share similar interests, follow topics that reflect your own personal interests. Whether you like discussing baseball, technology, politics or gardening, there are like-minded people on Quora for you to “meet.” Just click on the green “Follow Topic” button located at the top of the sidebar on the right.

    6. Establish Expertise

    Writing intelligent, relevant answers to key topics on Quora can strengthen how others perceive your expertise. Strengthen your credentials by developing a reputation as a subject-matter expert. You may notice that people will begin to request your input on related topics.

    7. Shorten the Learning Curve

    Question MarkIf you want to research venture funding opportunities or learn how to grow your users from one to 1 million, who better to ask than people with first-hand experience? Multiple conversations on Quora focus on growth strategies and funding (venture capital and angel investing).

    Ev Williams, Twitter’s co-founder, offered advice to a Quora questioner looking for information about maximizing South by Southwest (SXSW) opportunities -– extremely valuable intelligence for startups.

    But it’s not all tech, all the time. The Quora community can also help you learn how to tie a tie, roast coffee beans or travel with kids.

    8. Cultivate Existing Relationships

    Sending e-mails with links to articles or blog posts can be an effective way to cultivate relationships. Quora adds a new dimension to this relationship-building tactic. See an open question that fits the expertise of a prospect? Send them a link to the question along with a brief “touching base” e-mail. Stay top-of-mind without seeming like a pushy salesperson.

    9. Mine for Hot Topics

    Look for themes behind the questions being answered or followed by your Quora network. Identify popular questions relevant to your industry/experience that generate a lot of interest, and use those ideas as inspiration for blog posts, e-newsletters and other communication tools.

    Thanks Rubina Attar for the A2A.

    Before getting into the numbers game. I would advice you to follow the list of Quorans and their content.

    I’m sure, you wouldn’t find the majority craving for votes or followership. This is just a knowledge sharing platform where people offer what they have in knowledge inputs. It is not a war game or a popularity show with Quorans walking the ramp in highly fashionable dresses, carrying their profile along.

    Be yourself. Only you know what you are worth. Start writing good contents, let your emotions and imaginations make a picture on the screen. You don’t have to crave for notices. Also be creative and unique as well. People are looking for better and best answers.

    Once you do the above religiously and honestly, people start noticing you for the person you are. Reply to personal notification. Use the comment section with due dilligence. Be a critic but don’t hurt others. Let the name Rubina ring a bell amongst Quorans for good reasons.

    Just be patient but do your bit.


    It all starts like this :

    Followers : 000

    Answer Views : 1–10

    Answer Upvotes: 0–5

    Answer Comments : 0–1

    Answer Requests : 2–5

    But then you come across some profiles. And you get jealous with their achievements. And everyone becomes Obsessed with those numbers.

    Now, How to actually achieve “Greatness” here…?

    Well, I don’t believe in the “Overnight Success” Concept and neither should you.

    Here are the recipes for increasing your followers :

    1. Read. Eat. Sleep. Read. Repeat.
    2. Quora is a new environment, adapt yourself to this environment.
    3. Follow those profiles whose content you love.
    4. Start answering Questions without any desire for results.
    5. Fall in love with writing and reading.
    6. Patience!

    That’s it.


    A2A Papi Ajmani

    Hope you are not up to bribe anyone!

    There “is a” shortcut to increase your followers like

    • Asking your dear ones to follow you
    • Linking quora with facebook(read somewhere on quora)

    But if you want inner happiness of being followed,

    • Most importantly, you have to write, write by being your ownself
    • Make your answers unique
    • Add footnotes
    • Add some ingredients to you answers
    • Write in a way that is very much different from other quorans
    • Use correct word at a correct place(the art of writing)
    • Add only relevant images
    • Answer limited on daily basis, do not write 10 answers on a same day.
    • Add good bio and credentials
    • Moreover write for your ownself!

    Good Luck


    Most important! As Quora User has mentioned in comment,

    EDIT : There is an algorithm that Quora use, followers are a small part, it’s your stats. Ratio of views to number of followers. I averaged 200k views a week, abnormal for less than 600 followers. They study your stats….

    You like to be followed by a lot of Quorans?!!


    What is your purpose of being on Quora?

    How many millions or thousands are you following?

    What have you learnt from the people you follow?

    What have you to offer to your followers?

    What are your fields of competence?

    How much you can think outside the box?

    How much interesting you make your answers with factual or even imaginary contents? Are you a good story teller?

    How well do you receive upvotes?

    If not, have you thought out the ways to get them?

    Questions are myriad! Find answers to the some of questions posed above. If you come to the right answers, I am certain you make a swarm of followers like Sean Kernan, GV and top Quora persona like them.


    Thanks for the A2A.

    There is no easy way to do this.

    Quora User is right, about 3 ways, but none of them are really easy.

    However while “write good answers” is certainly correct, it’s a little vague. So:

    1. Write a lot of answers. I got here a little less than a year ago. I’ve written 4746 answers and I have 4742 followers (odd! I wonder if that ratio will continue to be so close to 1). If you write more answers, you’ll be seen by more people.

    2. Write answers on popular topics, if you have something to say.

    3. Write in ways that suit your style and personality. Some people write about only a couple topics. If one of those topics is popular, they may get thousands of followers while being unknown to a huge majority of Quorans. Some people are great at adding visuals to answers, I am not. Some people are funny, some are not (people tell me I am; sometimes even intentionally).

    4. Write comments on answers, but not just endless “Yes, I agree” comments. Sure, most people like to be agreed with, but I (and others) are more likely to follow you if your comments add something to our posts. A different perspective, additional detail, whatever.

    5. Write good questions. I don’t write that many questions (only 179 so far), but Quora would not exist without questions.

    As like every question has two option one is tough and other is easy. So same for this also…

    To increase quora followers

    Hard Way –

    1. You need to first find your actual interest area and do more and more research in it. Its same as preparing for one particular skill.
    2. Make your identity in that area as a experience person. Which will also help you to develop a personality(mostly virtual) on quora.
    3. Now after having identity write answers to the questions here.
    4. Most important thing to writing about answers is you must know what’s a question.
    5. Mostly people do mistake writing answers without understanding the nature of questions.
    6. Like a sarcastic question always demands a sarcastic answer, a deep thinking question always wants deep thought answer and a logical question looks for long logical explanation.
    7. And last point is that there are no shortcuts understand yourself, do your work and wait for it to happen.

    Easy Way or should I say cheap way –

    1. I haven’t tried this method but as per my observation I believe this will work if you want to increase men followers.
    2. This method is very similar to facebook one, as lot of people are joining quora also.
    3. So here it is you just change your name to female name and update a female pic with some witty 2 liners on your profile. Now you go I am sure within 1 month you can increase your number of followers by 2–3 times. (Also not much need of taking headache of writing a meaningful answer). When you are satisfied with numbers revert back.

    Note- I did’t followed any of the above because I am too lazy..

    Well, I am not a highly popular Quoran. And I also don’t care to be one – they have to deal with quite a lot of trolling, arguing, and harassment along with all the good parts.

    That said, the extremely popular Quorans are:

    • Interesting and intelligent people
    • They can speak on many popular topics. Or are expert in one or more.
    • They are opinionated and can make an argument in a clear and well-supported way.
    • They are sometimes very funny or witty.
    • They tell good stories, blending experience with facts.
    • They are talented writers, with a knack for phrasing.
    • They make you think or are informative. Most are good teachers in the things they write about even if they have never had a teacher job.
    • Some of them have one thing about them that stands out a lot. Like Jake and his fox face, Andrew Weill’s hat, Dushka’s knack for poetry, Habib and his socks, Dave and “everyone dies”… etc.

    Basically, people who are interested in what you have to say will follow you. That can take time – because Quora is a very big site. But keep talking about things that matter to you, things you know about, and things you have learned from living. As more people come in contact with your answers and get to know you, your tribe will become more and more obvious.

    Follow people who you are interested in, leave comments on great answers, and interact. Ask questions that inspire meaningful conversation.

    Don’t just write an answer and expect applause and upvotes. Be proactive in reaching out to others and building positive relationships.

    You can do the following things :

    1. Add a good profile picture.
    2. Write your full name and be careful don’t write Nick names like rock, badboy , devil, angel , Barbie, cutie pie, innocent XYZ etc.
    3. Write answers by putting your heart and soul into​ it.
    4. Use short stories to reach to your point.
    5. Give an interesting start to the answers.
    6. Avoid plagiarism in any content whether it’s a picture, phrase etc.
    7. Justify what you are writing and why are you writing.
    8. Always end the answer​ in a positive way. ( Even if the whole answer shows negative thoughts). This will motivate the readers.
    9. Just like I will write in point no. 10.
    10. Have a great luck .

    Hope this helps. Good luck !