How to grow my quotes page fairly quickly yet keeping high engagement

Nowadays as Facebook algorithm restricts pages from having more visibility, gaining followers and keeping them engaged is really hard. But there are certain ways which can help you in getting genuine and responsive followers.

  1. Keep title of the page attractive and meaningful.
  2. Keep the format of the background same. It would help you in creating original identity of your page.
  3. Try ad manger to promote your post.(start with less budget)
  4. Whoever likes your page/post, invite them.
  5. Invite your friends to like as well as ask you friends to invite their friends as well.
  6. Be regular, atleast post once a day.
  7. Never do multiple posting at once as facebook restricts your visibility if you post too much.
  8. Be responsive to the engagements.
  9. Create other handles on Insta, twitter etc. It helps in creating brand value of your page.
  10. Last but most important thing “Be creative and touchy with your words”.

This will surely help you in growing your facebook pages.

You can checkout these examples of pages for how the post background, font and style can be fixed.

The Tiny Fable

The Tiny Fables | Facebook