How does fb earn?

The following is the list of few big brands that use Facebook as their prime marketing tool and how they make the most of it:

McDonalds holds approximately 30 million likes and the first marketer with location based check-in in 2010. Since then it has been unceasingly catering the market and has grown as a brand.

Whereas, Brands like Nike, a popular shoe brand, known for its quality and durability among youth, has been successful in breaking campaigns on Facebook before they air on Television.

Disney has been conducting as a wise business entity, it’s developing the network as an online promoter of their games and the fan base of 46 million is continuously growing.

Samsung, a South Korean company smartly opted for Facebook’s logout page especially to advertise the new Galaxy S III phone.

Unilever, an established brand is in partnership with Facebook in an initiative where essential knowledge regarding clean drinking water is provided to communities in need.

Google, a big giant in itself advertises chrome browser on Facebook that has been downloaded 34000 times a week.

American express, offers great deals through Amex’s Facebook app to the cardholders when they link their cards to their accounts, mostly deals are offered from brands like whole foods, Dunkin’ Donuts and Sports Authority.

Zynga, a popular gaming brand that is known for Farmville and Zynga Poker, spends more than $200 million only for player acquisition costs.

Dell, a huge multinational is utilizing Facebook as promotional tool; it has been promoting Lollapalooza through social media which has made a lot of money, $ 9 million approximately.

Budweiser, a beverage brand, initiated a promotional strategy and offered free beer to those turning 22 in 2010; it was a unique way to reach out to the people.

Starbucks, an American company of beverage, also found out an appreciation of 38% among the users when they found Starbucks in their Facebook newsfeed.

Many other brands from various industries have utilized and experienced growth in their brand value and have appreciated their association with Facebook such as AT&T, EA Electronic Arts, Walmart, Groupon, Verizon, Visa, Nestle, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Ford and many more.

How it works?

Now to know the mechanics of how does this chain of ads from marketers to consumers work you need to understand the following process:

The cost of promoted posts is $5(Rs.330) every 1000 people targeted, which is used to target fans and friends of fans. Please note anyone can run Facebook advertisement campaign, you don’t need any website/blog or a registered company for that matter.

Slidebar ad, the most commonly seen ads costs $ 1- $ 5 with most types of targeting.

Sponsored stories/cards, it’s a status from a brand that turns into an ad, costs 50 cents per click (approx.), as they are expected to get better response than other ads.

Facebook has become business provider for well-established MNCs, though they stand strong in the market yet Facebook offers them a convenient and effective platform to get in touch with the target group so casually and friendlily. Its reach is exact and focused that eliminates half of the complication while planning a marketing strategy. As of now, Facebook seems to have become not only a dependable brand but a must-brand-to-be-depended-upon in order to make a ‘brand value’ in the world of digital marketing.

Source: WittyFeed.

It started of as non profit social network same as others. But, with spocored ads, facebook started earnings.

These ads are so penetrated that, most of the ecommerce, service, product bases companies are making 25% of their revenue and traffic from them.

Its now important to have social presence to increase brand presence.

Fb earns nearly 5bn dollors per annum from fb .

There are several ways through which you can earn money from facebook. You can promote affiliate products, you can earn from sponsored post (if you have pages) and much more. You will find more ways to make money from facebook here.

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