Can you effectively market gigs from a local band using social media exclusively, or is offline promotion (ie posters, handbills, etc.) necessary?

Social media marketing helps for sure. But don’t rule out offline promotion either.

When you’re marketing your band on social media, you need to find where they hang out. It could be that your target audience hangs out on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms.

Users want to learn about the latest life happenings of their family members and friends. They want to see cute baby and cat pictures. And, they want to watch funny videos.

But how?

Create a tightly knit social community and engage with them

Social platforms are all about conversation rates. Unless you genuinely interact with your fans and target audience on your social media pages, you won’t be able to build a relationship.

One great way to earn the trust of your consumers is by evoking positive emotions. Keep your posts light-hearted, casual, witty and inspiring. Look at the great engagement I received when I shared a fun photo on my Facebook page.

I encourage you to share non-product and non-promotal related band posts. They keep conversation rates flowing on your page and show your users that you care about them. From a psychological standpoint, love and belonging is at the third level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

To make your social network community feel even more special, I would recommend sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, videos and events from your company. Fashion brand, Everlane, leverages transparency brilliantly to engage with its followers on Snapchat.

They give an offer to their followers to buy their product lines before anyone else.

They also chat with their target market and share behind-the-scene exclusive moments. This breeds trust and improves connection.

A better way of leveraging groups that comes with more autonomy is…

Creating your own group.

Debbie Hodge promotes her free Facebook group, as a lead magnet, through Facebook Ads. Mridu Khullar also invited her email list members to join her special six-figure freelancing Facebook group.

The group has grown to 800+ members and gets great engagement. And, besides adding value to members, Mridu has now built a great channel to occasionally promote her courses.

Similarly, Noah Kagan from OkDork offered special access to a Facebook group for his free email 1K course. These VIP members had to encourage a couple of their friends to sign up for the course to gain access. The group grew to 5000+ members.

Encourage foot traffic at your offline stores to connect with you on social media

You can link offline and online efforts.

Start with your existing fans because will be more than happy to connect with you. Use window decals and signage for shows to create awareness about your social media presence.

If you can use a QR code, it’ll be easier for the customer to directly land on your social media page by scanning the code through their smartphone.

You can also print the QR code to your social media presence on your business card. Mashable lists 12 creative examples of social-media friendly business cards.

Brownie points if you can reward the fans for helping your social media efforts. For example – you can offer special discounts or a free coffee at your band venue if they check in on Facebook. It gives you free real estate in the news feed and helps your organic reach.

If you’re conducting a live event, you can also install a live Twitter wall or use Facebook/Instagram Live and encourage the participants to engage. Don’t forget to create a relevant hashtag for the event to leave your brand’s imprint and expand your reach.

Over time, the engagement and loyalty you get will come back to you many times over. But first, put in the investmtent.

Social media marketing is far from a waste of time and resources. Connecting with your potential customer(s) on their preferred social media channel is one of the greatest ways to generate leads and build real engagement with your audience.