What can I sell on my self-improvement blog?

Even if you’ve just started with your blog, there are so many ways to earn money from it. Affiliate marketing is one of them. No matter how many visitors do you have, whether you use Adsense or not, you can still monetize your traffic.

The right way to do this is to promote companies that relate to the industry that you are passionate about. For example, if you write about traveling, make reviews of hotels, restaurants, and tours. Create popups, embed affiliate links into your posts and share your honest opinion on products and services that would appeal to your target audience.

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This way you will be able to build a trustworthy communication between you and your reader. He will understand, that if you are talking about some company, he could buy from it without a hesitation. This kind of approach will result in a high conversion rate of your affiliate marketing campaign.

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The smaller and the more specific the niche is, the more sales you can generate from it. Mind you, that it’s better to pick a narrow niche in the popular industry, that way you can get the hype of it, but fit into a sore spot, offering exactly what the audience is missing.

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If you want to reach the aim, you have to be aware of the spot you are shooting into, before promoting the product, study its target audience and their location, in order to tune your settings right.

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Use Google keyword planner to check for the amount of traffic that your affiliate marketing campaign could get. It is important to explore the demand in the preferable niche, find out what people are searching for, where is the lack of appropriate offers.

On the other side, if you want to choose a competitive niche, feel free to do it. There are plenty of examples when people had chosen a popular industry and started a lucrative affiliate marketing campaign. This is a solution for those who want to test themselves and ready to learn on the go. Just don’t give up after the first failure, learn from your mistakes and try out new techniques

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I’m excited you’re thinking about turning your blog into a fund generating venture. The first thing you need to decide is if you’ll provide services or products. Both options are viable and great, and ideally you’ll pick at least some of both.

If you want to sell services, consider:

  • coaching
  • consulting
  • guest writing
  • keynote / motivational speaking

If you want to sell products, consider:

  • a uniquely designed journal that you design, create and distribute
  • an online course
  • a book (anything from short eBook to fully published)
  • feel good branded products (ex. mugs with sayings, pens, etc)
  • a toolkit (see mine here for an example, combines product & service)

Also – if you are ready to seriously take this to the next step, please make sure your website is complete (see your about section and contact page) and integrate your social media.

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