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Congress is Sitting on a Political Nuclear Stockpile…

        With stage set for elections in 2014, the campaigning by the parties is set to reach a never-seen-before scale. On one side we have BJP who have been on full throttle from the word go and on the other side we have Congress who seem to be joining the party quite late but have come in with all guns blazing. One thing that caught my eye was the timing of the ‘stalker’ controversy coinciding with the speeches by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi simultaneously targeting Narendra Modi. As a result we had BJP trying to address the stalker issue instead of answering to those speeches, putting Congress in better position. However i believe that this is not a one time thing and we are going to see more of these unresolved controversies crop up in the next few months.
         Congress is not a party to lay low while opposition keeps on mounting scathing attacks one after the other, indeed it has been biding it time to spring back into action at the right time. While the BJP’s strategy to start its campaign early gave them the time required to make their presence felt majorly in south and a few other regions where they are still incapable of winning an election independently, it suffers from one major flaw. They have almost run out of things to say! BJP leaders have cried themselves hoarse over the plethora of scams under UPA rule but the fact of the matter remains that they can no longer go on beating the same drum anymore. Maybe it was this need for innovation that led to Mr Modi making those ‘historical comments’ which led to him receiving a lot of flak from other parties. At this juncture when people have started to believe that Narendra Modi has already peaked out, there comes a long forgotten story about a girl who was ‘snooped upon’ by BJP in Gujrat. Political competence of Congress is unquestionable so to suggest that they were plain lucky this time would be foolish, moreover to say that this was their best move would be undermining their political prowess.
        At this point i would like to draw your attention to the disproportionate assets(DA) and Taj corridor scandal cases which have been pending against BSP since 2003 and many such cases against SP as well, it may seem out of context here but there are quite a few similarities with the way these cases were used by Congress and their impeccable timing. Now, if you remember back in 2008 we had a major vote in Parliament over the Nuclear deal, and with left pulling out its support, the situation for Congress seemed grim. But a few days before the final vote, the news of CBI inquiry against both SP and BSP leaders surfaced over many major media outlets, this was followed by letters of unconditional support by the arch rivals SP and BSP to the same party – Congress which was followed by Congress closely winning the vote for N-deal and this was followed by…er , well i don’t know what happened to those cases. Having cited that, i think it is too soon for Congress to bring out their A-game into the play and in the next few months or as much time as it takes before they have taken all the mileage possible from the ‘stalker-scam’, we are going to have something new to talk about. Congress has been in power for the last 9 years and to think that most of the CBI probes regarding various 2002 Gujrat riots related cases and the fake encounter case of Soharbuddin Sheikh in 2005 have happened in the same time also makes one think that Congress might have been sitting on some very critical cases all this while. An example of this strategy is the above mentioned Soharbuddin Sheikh case which suddenly caught pace in late 2011 leading to arrest of Amit Shah, Modi’s right hand man in Gujrat, just before the state went to vote later in 2012. Though this did not prevent BJP from winning the state again, it did show the ability of Congress to attack at crucial times.
        For now it may seem like BJP has the upper hand in the race to elections as of now, nonetheless one can never count Congress out of the race and it would be wise for BJP to expect a few more bouncers coming out at them before the country goes to vote one of them to power. May the lesser evil win!