Which blogging site offers the most comprehensive set of tools for publishing regularly and easily from your PC?

I’ve used all the major blogging platforms and it really depends on your needs.

Tumblr is the best option for a first time blogger who needs a free, simple, intuitive blog platform that can handle images, text, video and audio posts, has a slick design with full customization options, a built in social community and the ability to queue posts to publish weeks in advance on a schedule you determine. You can also use a custom URL if you have one.

If however you want to start the next TechCrunch or Huffington Post and have designers and developers on hand, then WordPress offers a platform that can present a blog that looks and works more like a full website, with thousands of plugins covering all your functionality and analytic needs.

Even if you do go down the WordPress route, I’d still recommend getting a Tumblr blog where you can publish content and links, and build a community. No other blog platform offers the same access to a built-in audience, and you’re going to need readers!

Hope this helps. Dan 🙂

Blogger.com (Google’s offering) is very good and is improving all the time – last year’s changes to the design options now allow you to create something very unique with little effort. They also offer a one-click option to host a site on a unique domain name now (through GoDaddy I think, but you don’t see any of their pages thank goodness!) while still allowing you to use their design tools, analytics etc.

Not a site… but a tool… I find Windows Live Writer to make life amazingly simple for creating and publishing blog posts on multiple sites.  And it’s free… hard to not like that!