Does the author of blogs or answers written on the Quora platform forfeit any rights?

Hey Steve. Wow! Asking me a question, I’m flattered. Are you talking about any monetary rights? I’ll deal with that one first. From what I understand, and have been told, Quora has set up this website so that it can gain truly an unprecedented level of information, to at some point, having answers to every conceivable question, which is generally done by experts in each respective field. Then at some point, they are going to turn the site into a profit making operation, where someone would pay $.99 to get the answer to a question they can’t find anywhere else. So basically, we are being used for our knowledge and expertise, so that eventually they can be an enormously popular website, able to answer almost every conceivable question. Obviously they have their own experts as well, who goes through the tens of thousands of answers that have been given, and when there is more than one, they use the one that is most accurate and in-depth, sometimes combining answers.

So as far as forfeiting any rights, it’s not that we are now prohibited from releasing our answers to the man on the street, but we certainly have no claim to the billions of dollars they are going to make from our toil. Other than that, I don’t really see how you lose any rights to our answers. There is no disclaimer, preventing us from authoring questions in another forum.

So that is how I would analyze it regarding any financial benefit from our answers. I’m not really sure what else it could be, besides forfeiting any claim to the answers we give which will eventually make them profitable.

Any other type of rights you were thinking of? (for some reason, when writing this answer on my iPhone, it’s been giving me a really hard time to correct syntax). But if you have another right that you were thinking of, please let me know and I will address that.}

All Quora authors maintain the copyright of their postings.

For more details, you may want to read Quora’s Terms of Service.