How to delete shared photos from the Facebook Messenger app

Hello friend, We all share photos and content with our friends in Facebook Messenger. But what if you wanted to delete some of the shared content and photos in Facebook Messenger.

One of the most talked about ways to delete photos is to long press the photo in the chat thread and delete it. But this will only delete the content from your side. The other party will keep seeing it and you will also see them in the View Shared Photos section.

Let’s discuss the ways to delete shared contents and photos in Messenger:-

First Way:-

The easiest way is to totally uninstall the app. Delete the app and wait for a few minutes. Install the Messenger app again and you will see that there will be no photos to see when you tap on View Shared Photos option.

Second Method:-

  1. Open Settings of your Phone and go to Storage.
  2. Now head over to Images and there will be a section for Messenger Photos.
  3. Here you will see Shared photos option. Delete all these photos .

You can also contact Facebook support team for more help.

Third Method:-

If you are using an Android phone, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Setting and go to Find Accounts.
  2. Now click on Messenger and then use the top right button click it and remove account.

Fourth Way:-

  1. Go to Settings and Apps Manager.
  2. Delete Cache and Data for Facebook Messenger App.
  3. Install the Messenger app again. Here you found no data relates to shared photo & content.

These are the ways to delete shared content & photos in Messenger. I hope, it will be helpful for you.

You can delete them on your end but I hate to break it to you but NOTHING IS EVER DELETED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. NOTHING. Read the fine print they can access anything and everything you have ever done on their platforms. That’s why I tell people unless you’ve gained super powers or have obtained the flux capacitor don’t post, message or comment on anything unless you want it to stick

Yeah it is possible to delete the photograph from the Messenger app by pressing it/selecting it and then delete.Now understand once the photo has been sent and stored on the other person’s device it is not possible to remove the photograph from there

I have done all the process but doesnt work..Give me the proper answer please

First open up the Message app, and select the conversation that has thepictures that you want to delete and get rid of. Then you are going to press on Details in blue in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down until you see the Attachments

It’s super easy, but you can only delete the photos for yourself the other person is still able to see all the photos unlike WhatsApp, Facebook doesn’t provide the ‘delete for all’ option . If you want to delete the photo just for you then press and hold the message or photo and delete option will emerge click on it and confirm, to delete the picture.

Long press on the photograph you have shared, you’ll get option of delete, select delete.

The thing is photos will be deleted from your side, but other person to whom you have shared the photo can see it.

You can press on the photos and then delete them or you can delete it manually. The term ‘half-lame’ is not clear. Would you mind explaining about it…

The one thing I have to say about deleting images is that nothing is ever totally deleted from the Internet. The images you sent are probably stored in some one’s data base. There are services that work with online companies and social media sites that act as storage for them. They provide the images when requested. Depending on the user agreement they may even become the property of the website or messenger service to do with as they please, including selling them. Almost every tweet, every message and every email is saved somewhere. They are never deleted.

In the messenger app itself, (if you open it to full page from the cog icon in the upper right corner) if you look to the left of a picture YOU share, you will see in gray a 3 sided box with an arrow, if you pause over it you will see next to it three gray dots. Click on the dots and you can delete the picture from your feed. This does NOT delete it from the feed of the person you are messaging. There is no way for you to delete a picture you sent to someone else. You can only affect your own feed. On a picture sent TO you, the box and dot Icons will be to the right of the picture.

If you mean, Something shared to your page by another person, you can’t, you can turn off notifications but deleting other posts is best left to Facebook friend… Whether I agree with that or not is another matter 🙂 hope this helps friend

To delete shared photos from the Facebook Messenger app, press and hold on the photo. Here’s a video showing you how to do it.


The most useful solution would be to just clear chat history and unfriend the person. ( well. Clearly you can add them again ). This might help resolve the issue , unless a new update has arrived.

How to delete shared content on messenger? 2017

Yeah you can delete the post… there is an option on the right side of your post, if you click on that there is an option like remove post by that you can delete the post

Delete in gallery. If you remember where you saved it, get it there