What are some up-and-coming social networking apps?

Open your mind to unimaginable possibilities. Open your heart to have public conversations. Realise that this world is your network, an open network. Talk to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world. Get an opinion, understand a new perspective, know a new person and even practice your communication skills.

We are enabling people to leverage the whole world and not get limited by only the people they know. We are creating an open network (no network) where people can talk to anybody openly (without bias). We are enabling people to be themselves, with no fear of being judged, appreciate the cultural differences, be a global citizen and lead a better life.

Options that Opentalk provide are:-

New Places: Planning your next foreign trip? Looking for a nice bar where you can get sloshed? Or some café where you can sit and write for your next book? How about a place where you can play with puppies? Not an animal lover how about a long walk in a park? Endless exploration is just one call away.

Hobbies/ Interest: Do Start-Up’s sound fun to you? Do you think you are the only one with love for board games? Like solving Rubik’s cube or love jamming at some bar every Saturday? Discover people with similar hobbies every day with Opentalk.

Improve English: Have any problem with the language? Find yourself lost in the crowd? Or curious to learn a new language? Meet the people who hold command in the same language, and it will ease your journey of learning a new language

Relationships: Having some problem in love life? Or have some ultimate philosophical mantra you want to share? Talk about your personal life with people and get a little help in settling the chaos that is going on in your heart!

Career & Work: Want someone who may be a great mentor in your journey from B Tech to MBA or M Tech? Want to a significant to get an international internship or scope of research in the field of International- Relations talk to people from various backgrounds and shape up your future with proper advice.

General Conversation: Want to talk about your first day at work? Or want to discuss how horrible your boss is? Or want to talk about the new book you read? Or how about you want to a little review of the movie you are planning to watch this Wednesday?

Everything under one roof – Opentalk




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