How to engage more of an audience for your brand

Here are a few pointers that’ll help:

  1. Keep your brand identity consistent.
  2. Understand and know your audience specifically – age, gender, culture, professional, language etc
  3. Define your target locations accurately. Don’t randomly choose to target the globe or PAN India unless you’ve got strong resources and money. Start with cities, states etc.
  4. Develop a brand strategy which will act as a foundation from theronwards.
  5. Have clear understanding of your ACTUAL competition.
  6. Brainstorm over the best communication line based on your audience. Communication could be emotional, cognitive, direct etc.
  7. Communicate your brand story, products or services in a clear manner.
  8. Stick to your base communication line even though you can opt to change them based on campaigns, specific dates, seasons etc.
  9. Most importantly have clear understanding of your budget.

There’s lots more to add but you could start with these.



K2B Solutions Top Digital Marketing Agency India customizes websites in a way that it reaches its target audience. The agenda involves specific plans of action and guaranteed results. This is the common strategy that is followed by all online marketing agencies to promote brands in a better way.

Don’t try to mend the identity of your band too much to fit in.

Don’t be concious about your looks when u are performing. I used to do so and it highly affected my performance.

The most crucial thing is to identify the taste of your audience. What genre they prefer to witness live. Don’t change ur genre, but try to bring a lil’ tinch of that genre in your performance. Slight glances of a genre which people like makes you more mysterious and hence popular as well.

Interact with the crowd through your body langauge and make sure that not just the lead singer, but each one has a role to play along with the crowd.

Bring in more Mash-ups, trust me, people love it…especially the young crowd.

Excess of anything is not good. This pertains to every point that I have said or anything that you prefer doing. Even, showcase the solos, but just to a limit.

Make sure that you look highly active when you climb up the stage. Your movements create the atmosphere.

Good luck mate!