What makes you want to give up on social media?

I have a couple of reasons, on my side I’ve had a fair share of social media. To begin with, social media is a waste of time. Especially if youre not a marketer or don’t own a business. Secondly, it’s full of fake, negative, attention seeking people (at most). Thirdly, it leads to depression without you knowing, however, this only applies to people who have low self esteem or low self worth and they constantly compare their insecurities with other people’s highlight reels – for this reason I wouldn’t want to fall in that category.

Lastly, social media is compromised of apps just apps. Apps that are sadly addictive and hence I feel as though there is no life I’d be living if I was constantly looking for captions, peeking on people’s stories to know what they are up to, filtering my life just to show how “happy” I am or waiting for likes and cmoments to pop. No! I’d rather spend time with family, close friends, travel, volunteer in things that matter and make the world a better place.

To sum it up social media isn’t for me. Unless I start a business that requires recognition. Otherwise let me live my life.

My attention span shortening, and my joy of completing longer tasks diminishing.

I think there is some science to back up that the more mini tasks we achieve like engaging messages/notifications, the more are gains get moulded to enjoy these little satisfactions. So we stray from big brain chemical pay offs from long extended periods of focus and achievement. So that elusive first novel will have to wait until I can sort my attentio- OH LOOK A SQUIRREL

Mostly anything that associates with negativity on the internet. Since it’s 2017, people (such as kids, teenagers, and whatnot) are becoming easily offended or offensive towards strangers on the internet. Media has become unreliable most of times, now its only about celebrity affairs, pregnancies, and drug usage, barely any useful information that I come across on the web. Social media becomes its own little world in people’s minds, it’s an advantage toward cyberbullying, scams, and anything that would defy the law really. So, there are many reasons why I want to give up social media but it can be used for good things too.

I was on social media, checking my feed, @tanookia13x tags, etc.

Then I come across a post that says this:

“Santa isn’t real!!! Everyone who believes in him is a dumb idiot.”

I was angry, even though I don’t believe. I replied. Out of anger:

“ Yea, *Insert gamer kid names here* say that to a cancer kid who’s dying wish is to see Santa. Go ahead. I may not believe. But that is just plain rude to RUIN kids dreams like that. Please rethink this post.”

Then he answered back.

“IDC Santa isn’t real who cares about those cancer kids, might as well know early”

I was angry. So angry. What gives a person the heart to ruin someone’s dying wish? What gives someone the heart to ruin kids christmases? Because this happened to me.

I was that kid ruined.

Let me tell you the story:

Grade 5: 2014

Kid starts screaming that Santa isn’t real, I tell him to stop. The kid starts making fun of me, and then tells me that I am an idiot with no brain. I go out crying.

This is why I am angry.

Negativity, hate, pessimism.

I think of social media as a tool. Like any tool people can use it in a positive or negative manner. A hammer can be used to build a home to kill a person. likewise social media has that same power.

It can be pointless. I don’t see the sence in posting what you had for lunch or your dog’s poop, or any of the other mundane things people post. But am back on the band wagon because I have been reading almost everywhere, that it can enhance a business. So am giving it another try.

If social media too much hoax information and their profile pictures has no right in real.