What are some examples of Arabic/Middle Eastern forums and blogs?

By far and away the best place to keep up with Middle Eastern stuff is on Twitter. You could start with my own list of Middle East tweeters.

From mainstream media, the Economist’s Pomegranate blog has good analysis. Brian Whitaker also has very accessible writing at http://www.al-bab.com/ 


The Gulf blog focuses on, well, the Gulf.

If Israel/Palestine is you bag check out +972 for Independent news from Israel & Palestine. Ben White’s is also worth reading http://benwhite.org.uk/ as well as Max Blumenthal. If you want a very strong pro-Israel counterweight you could always check out Caroline Glick http://carolineglick.com/

The Arabist Blog Focuses on Egypt.

Syria News Wire has great local knowledge, although more regular updates come via Sakhr on Twitter. Syria Deeply also has lots of resources.


Into science? Check out this blog focused on science from the Middle East Nature Middle East

Are you a T.E. Lawrence fan? How about Lawrence historian James Barr’s blog Setting the Desert on Fire

Modern art and design? Head over to BROWNBOOK

A fan of the food of The Levant?