Hackers: Was Facebook responsible for Twitter’s security breach?

No. Although conspiracy theories are interesting, this one is completely baseless. I’m sorry to say, but Facebook did not hack Twitter.

As the blog NakedSecurity writes in Questions and answers about the Twitter hack:

What did the hackers steal?
According to a blog post by Twitter, the hackers stole usernames, email addresses, session tokens and salted-and-hashed passwords (which is certainly better news than if they had stolen plaintext passwords).
What could the hackers do with that information?
A few things:

  • The hackers could spam the email addresses, pretending to be Twitter and maybe trick you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. In this way they might steal further information from you.
  • They could target specific Twitter users (they now know the email address associated with each of the affected accounts) and craft an email designed to dupe the user in some way – potentially into clicking on a dangerous link or attachment – perhaps pretending to be someone else.
  • Using the stolen session token they could, in theory, hijack your account, at least until the you or the hacker next logs off.
  • They could attempt to crack the passwords, by setting computers and large dictionaries of commonly used passwords against the problem. If some of the passwords are cracked, the hackers could then attempt to see if the same passwords will also unlock victims’ *other* accounts (such as their email).

Who is behind the hack attack on Twitter?
We don’t know. Twitter has had its internal systems hacked in the past (infamously, for instance, celebrity accounts were hijacked after a Twitter employee was found by hackers to be using an extremely weak password – “happiness”). Normally attacks are against individual accounts with the intention of spreading diet spam or malicious links, rather than against Twitter’s systems themselves.
I’ve heard media reports linking the Twitter hack with the attack on the New York Times and other newspapers that’s been blamed on China. Was it the Chinese who hacked Twitter?
Although Twitter referenced the recent high-profile attacks on newspapers, they haven’t explicitly said that they believe China hacked Twitter or presented any evidence to suggest that.
If Twitter has any information that does point a finger of suspicion towards China (such as if dissident or human rights Twitter accounts were targeted) they haven’t shared that with the media.

What gain would Facebook get by “Spamming Twitter accounts, and cracking passwords”. Facebook has enough problems of its own to be worried about messing up its competitors.

I don’t mean any offence, but Facebook is focused more on protecting its Social Graph than hack Twitter.

No, Facebook is not to stupid to get into illegal works.

I read somewhere that the hackers used fake Twitter verification accounts in the operation.