What would life be like without Facebook?

Let me tell you a true story..

One of my ex-colleagues got married before an year. She had quit immediately from job after marriage and hence we lost touch.

Since we both are friends in FB, it was much easier to know what was happening in her Life.

In the last one year my FB newsfeed is often filled with her FB picture uploads.

I honestly believed that she is enjoying her life to the fullest by going to parties, movies, finest restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. etc., when I am miserably toiling at my job till late night.

Last month I accidentally met her in a railway station. She spoke for almost an hour nonstop with lot of complaints about her husband and in-laws. Well, the gist is that her husband is unable to manage the family expenses with his salary alone. Financial struggles slowly turned out into personal struggles. They both fell apart and now she had filed for divorce. I felt really sorry for her and felt bad that I was not able to be with her during her times of need.

FB makes us to live in an information bubble. Amidst that bubble, we tend to believe that we are the only ones who lag behind when compared with our peers. We presume that only our lives suck and all others enjoy their lives.Just remember that Life has its own ups and downs.

Don’t just send Birthday Wishes on FB to your Friends. Just call them and speak. May be they can share their happiness with you or you can offer them a shoulder to cry upon in times of need.Your life will be as delightful everyday, as you portray it on FB.


Nowadays all people are obsessed with this thing. My friends are always like clicking a selfie and posting it on fb with some crappy things. They are using this facebook all the time.

Without this, their life will be empty.

But for me, it is both good and bad.

Good because I can have my friends with me all the time to talk and have fun.


Bad because I will have to listen to their endless talk and dramas.

I don’t have facebook account nor will I make in my entire life. I don’t like using face book.

For those who have fb accounts will have some problems.

And life will be a better place where we youth people can think something better, do something better than scrolling down on our phone and hitting that like button, commenting,…..etc etc etc.

It is still shocking to me that people are so “plugged in” to a virtual reality.

For one, life would be more productive. You can’t even go to Target, without some worker,stopping what they are being paid to do, to check that “ding”. So there the worker is, now updating/making comments on something on facebook, instead of getting his/her work done. Then after they are done doing that, they continue and either show another coworker/discuss what they just commented on. Now wasting productivity twice as much! What a waste of time!

Second, less stress! I can’t believe how words…on a screen…affect the wellbeing of individuals on such a large scale! I just read how Gabby Douglas is “devastated” over the “social media backlash”. Are you serious??? Words, from many strangers….who do not know her, affected her emotionally…to the point where it shows in her gymnastics performance! That is crazy! People are so worried about pleasing other people on this facebook platform….it’s an unnecessary stress inducer. My solution for “cyber bullying”…..is “cyber delete”! It takes two people to continue this “virtual cycle” of abuse! A person can’t know they are being cyber bullied if they are not on the platform that it is occurring.

Lastly, you regain privacy!As we have seen…people just share too much of their lives on facebook!

So, life goes on….even without fb. Facebook did not create life or society. It is hindering it though.

The downsides of Facebook are immediately apparent to anyone who has used it for as long as I have.

A relentless cascade of annoying ads, both on mobile and desktop? Check.

Ads constantly shifting and changing in relation to what you just browsed, posted or did online, always reminding you of just how much they know about you? Check.

The repetition of memes, misattributed quotes and stereotyping, one dimensional attitudes? Check.

Long usuage leading to a realization of just how much of a time waster Facebook is? Check.

And so you shut it down, go outside(finally!) for a bit of fresh air. Along the way, you meet a few friends and decide to go for a cup of coffee.

As pleasentries are exchanged, the conversation soon revolves around what X mutual friend posted on Facebook. What he did, what other mutual friends and other interesting bits that could only be gleaned from their profiles. And so, because you, well, tried to live a life without Facebook, you can only sit there, smile and play along.

This will keep on occurring throughout your daily life. Things happen on Facebook or use Facebook to happen. The social part of Facebook permeates deeply through all parts of your daily affairs and interactions with other people. And you feel a little left out and lost because you have little idea of what is happening.

Thus you log on to Facebook and see ten iterations of the next meme. Life carries on as per normal.

Can’t live with it, yet you can’t live without ir either.

I’ve tried this. Life without facebook is sometimes peaceful. When you see someone else’s picture then you tend to develop an urge of changing your own dp and when you look Up for a New picture for your profile and unluckily you can’t find then you become a lil bit hyper and think of changing ur picture all the time until n less you dont get a New pic.
And when you have no facebook this problem doesn’t exists.
No facebook no CRY. 😛

Hi Friend!

The same question arise in my mind once upon a time. Now I let you know what strikes in my mind.

First Nobody will tag you in any kind of post.Great relief for people who gets irritated by those taggings.

You can spend your time wisely by reading books or learning something new instead of scrolling newsfeeds.

You will get relief from people who send messages often( Not for any purpose) to just passing their time.

You learn to dont care about what others think about you because you will definitely curious to know the reactions and comments for your posts.

You came to know about your true friends on your birthday because they dont need a facebook notification to remember your bithday but others not.

Hope you like it..Enjoy life!!!

Wouldn’t life be basically fine? We lived without Facebook for thousands of years. If it was suddenly removed from our lives, it would initially be a little disorienting. Then we would correspond more with email (or even handwritten letters if email went away too).

I think people would spend more time interacting face to face. If the time spent on Facebook was replaced by socializing in person, doing things with your kids, working (the time most people use Facebook is during the workday, I think), or spending time with our significant others, wouldn’t that value outweigh the loss of Facebook?

The main thing I like about Facebook is that I have at least some connect with second cousins and other distant relatives. But if I didn’t have that, I think I’d be fine.

Much better. You end up having so much time to do positive things for your own self and the people close to you I. E. the ones who actually matter know about and praise your genuine progress and attempt at achieving something better.

If you are single: you would truly be happy for being single and unmarried, and enjoy life as it unfolds. 🙂

Because you don’t have to look at your newsfeed and wonder if you are missing many things that your married friends are enjoying (when in reality you have no idea what different battles they might be fighting too).

More real … less virtual
More real people …. less fake people
More faces …less photos
More real invitation … less show off invitations
More real relations … less virtual relations
More interaction with neighbors (people).. less with laptops
More interaction with known peoples … less with unknowns
More peace … less comments

Less spams … less scams
Less scope for crimes … less arrests

you are alone … do meditation … stop liking fabrications

  1. No facebook – less selfies
  2. Less selfies – less phone screen use
  3. Less use of phone- more attention to reality
  4. More attention to reality- More real the lives and people.

  1. No facebook: less scrolling on phone
  2. Less scrolling on phone: Less comparison of lives
  3. Less comparison : less stress
  4. Less stress: More productive life

  1. No facebook : No birthday notifications
  2. No B-Day notifications : No birthday wishes to send
  3. No sent bday wishes : Angry friends
  4. Angry friends : Angry friends calls you ( to know why you didnot wished)
  5. Friends calls you: you say sorry and patch up
  6. Patch up: happy life ahead

Facebook was created with the intention that it would be a part of ones’  life but the irony is ones’ life has become a part of facebook.

Answer to the similar question:
Richa Malviya’s answer to How is life without social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp?

I think exilent. Remember those days when fb is not present.we wish friends by meet them.And we chilling out.walking.playing everything.now a days when fb,wapp present we just talk with friends online.n wish them online,N even we dont care about all we just spend to much time on visual life not real.We r not using internet,internet using us for their profit\U0001f61e\U0001f61e

If it wasn’t part of my job to be on FB, I would take a long vacation away from it. That is just a dream because my phone will still get notifications! 🙂

It would be much better,people were not be tagging others,crying over breakups, having fun with # people and infact people doing all those things in real.

There are more important things in life than friends gossip.

No matter what FB do, anyway analogue of Facebook would appear sooner or later.

People without Facebook is not good , because we use this to connect with friends family and to be communicate with others

A life where you start bothering about things happening in your life and not anyone else’s.

Less procastinative to be the least.